• - D. Vaughan -

    ( Happy Customer )

    Just thought you should know that my Dad loved (it’s all gone) the hot sauce. He said you should make it in jugs! I’ve been instructed to buy more…lemon sauce, lime sauce, ginger sauce, mango sauce, cranberry sauce…you’ve created a monster!

  • - Anthony -

    ( Native New Yorker & World Renowned, Executive Chef )

    I began my career as a saucier and SOHOT Sauce has to be one of the best hot sauces I’ve ever had. It’s simply an exceptional product that stands out from the rest and fits the term gourmet. People need to know what they’re missing!

  • - Karen -

    ( Chef & Restaurateur, Canadian Renowned Cajun Food Expert & Food Network Personality )

    We are a distributor of Louisiana products. SOHOT Sauce is the only domestic hot sauce we carry and one of the most unique products we’ve seen because it’s simply flavourful & fantastic. Sweet heat and savory! Where customer’s will buy some of our other sauces for novelty or collecting, SOHOT is the sauce they come back for to eat.

  • - Fanta -

    ( Kraft Canada )

    This is the best s#*! I’ve tasted in 6 months, and I have to taste a lot of things. It’s sophisticated,purely gourmet and I love the combination of sweet heat and savory.

  • - Alexandra -

    ( Repeat customer, Cobourg )

    F@*$n Fabulous! I put it on toast, eggs and anything else I can find.

Chef Art Smith’s Wedding!

SOHOT Sauce is honored to be the other Party in the mouth at Chef Art Smith’s wedding. It’s delicious! I so appreciate the Love.

Congratulations on a very good product! There are great pictures of the sauces from the pool party at the wedding and although the names of the sauces made people blush, they loved the flavor.

Renowned Chef and Author, Art Smith, Co-Founder of Common Threads Children’s Charity, owner of Art and Soul in Washington and Table 52, Chicago

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We welcome any and all skeptics from the seasoned veteren to the 5 year old, since our customer base covers all realms of tasters and yes…..converts! All walk away with a bottle of SOHOT Sauce in hand! We truly have something for special.