Diane Pinnock

Founder of SOHOT Enterprises

Sabrina Ebrahim

Co-owner SOHOT Enterprises

ART TOUCHES AND EFFECTS AND SURROUNDS US. All of our senses are conjured through this medium that once encountered, inspires a momentary sensation and awareness of living, as opposed to merely being alive. SOHOT Sauce, is Art down your throat.

After Diane Pinnock graduated from Ontario College of Art & Design as a figurative artist surrounded by ‘foodies’, chefs and culinary curiosity, ” my work began its progression from the inedible to the palatial”. From the palette to the palate. “Eating is always a sensual encounter involving taste, touch, sight, sound and intuition. It’s art for your throat”. Spices do for the palate what color does for the eyes.

In 2004, while living in Kensington Market-Toronto, Diane began creating recipes and sweet spicy sauces, based on “The amazing & cultural diversity that I grew up with.” (the East meeting the West, North and South in life and at the table), blending lemon zest with coriander seeds and garlic, lime zest with cayenne, fresh garlic and vinegarginger root with sugar cane, scotch bonnets fresh garlic, SOHOT Sauce is definitely about diversity, joy, and raising your vibration at the table and it’s gluten free.

All of the world’s greatest dishes encompass this beautiful concept. Other traditional hot sauces I had tried either disabled one’s ability to taste food, or weren’t spicy enough and my Jamaican mother of Cuban descent always told me that “pepper should be used to enhance the flavor of food, not simply added to burn you.”

I threw some ingredients into a blender and created a chutney style, fruit based hot sauce and I could taste my food with a warm finish, instead of just fire and neither canceled the other one out. There was also a time released heat build like foreplay. Like fun.

So now, Instead of just eating, we are experiencing! From the creation of an array of culturally boundless sauces designed to awaken the playfulness & aristocracy of the  palate, with intense flavor 1st, then a time released warmth.

Since then an amazing public reception has ensued! What started as spicy Bareback Berries (cranberry sauce), then Climaxxx(lime-cayenne sauce), has graduated to Cilantro Sutra (lemon-coriander sauce), Sweet Surrender (spicy mango sauce), Gingerly Hot (ginger sauce) and continues to expand.
Sabrina Ebrahim, took on the role as a Co-owner of Sohot Sauce in 2008.
In this Sales-Marketing role she has been instrumental in taking Sohot Sauce to that next level of development by being at the forefront of Retail Trade Shows, Direct Marketing and acquiring Wholesale Accounts and company expansion.

Her creativity with Branding and Packaging has been integral to putting Sohot Sauce on the shelves of over 50 Gourmet Specialty stores and into the kitchens of thousands of retail customers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this gift!

Richard Swiecki of www.digitalproductshots.ca is the eye behind our Brand photography, a master Product photographer, designer and visual wizard.

SOHOT Sauces are based in Clarington, Ontario.